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I’ve had long hair my entire life. Apparently, I was even born with a full head of hair. My Mom claims that the first moment she saw me my hair was tucked neatly behind my ears; causing all that know me very well to claim that I had styled my hair in the womb to look my best at birth. Yeah, my hair is a very important part of my life. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve spent hours washing, blow drying and styling my hair along with countless salon blow-drys and blonde highlights.

With the invention of the flat iron, my hair started to take a beating. I’ve always wanted smooth and straight hair so my naturally frizzy, wavy hair has long been abused with heat for years of trying to achieve the look I crave. Then I discovered the curling iron’s soft defined waves and loved that look. So let’s just say my hair became totally damaged by heat and years of blonde highlights. I cruised along using salon approved shampoos and conditioners and getting routine haircuts to help manage the damage. I could see a complete change in my hair condition after a while and it wasn’t pretty.

About five years ago my hair was a complete mess. The ends were thinning and the breakage was evident to me daily. I had a hard time straightening or curling it. I was beyond upset and worried that my days of long hair were over. I had my wonderful stylist Ernie cut my hair to my shoulders which was quite dramatic for a longhaired lifer like me. I tried weekly hair masks and cut down on the heat as much as I could. It’s a tough hair situation to be in when you feel like your hair that has always been long and healthy is now not presentable looking. You want to fix it with a flat iron or curling iron, yet it is a vicious circle as using heat appliances only makes the breakage worse. I was at my wit’s end and even googled short hairstyles. *Gasp*

Then it happened. I went for my routine scheduled blonde highlights appointment with my fabulous colorist Mary and she changed my life. Ok, that may sound dramatic to some but my long hair is practically my identity. Mary was particularly excited that day as she introduced me to a product called Olaplex. Her enthusiasm was hopeful for my dire hair situation but I admit I was super skeptical. Mary was very understanding and encouraged me to google Olaplex hair treatment online and read about it as we began to process my highlights. I happily obliged. For those of you who still are unsure what Olaplex is, here is the deal: Olaplex is a three-part hair treatment, the first two are done in a salon:

Olaplex contains a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair… to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. (
My skepticism relaxed when I came across an article claiming that Kim Kardashian swore by Olaplex and even slept with it in her hair. Wow… very interesting I remember thinking. Then I stumbled on an article about Olaplex by Refinery 29, which I highly admire and follow religiously. I couldn’t believe the product I was reading rave reviews about as the miracle cure for damaged hair was Olaplex and it was just sitting in my colourist’s hands ready to work its magic. I have to say that I have been annoyed when wonderful products I’ve read about were only available in the USA, which happens a lot. Mary who is always up to date on new hair trends was one of the first salons in Toronto to carry the highly sought after Olaplex.

Needless to say, I immediately gave the go ahead (I mean come on Kim K loves it. Lol) and Mary added Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier to my colour to begin my process of rebuilding strong hair, “This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken bonds and begins the process of preventing (more) damage and repairing hair.” Once my highlights were processed and my hair washed I was on to the next step. Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector the second salon step was applied to my hair. This hair mask “continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest and healthiest hair possible.” Then I was sent home with a bottle of Olaplex No.3 to maintain my in-salon Olaplex service and ensure lasting hair protection, “The final step provides continuous protection from ongoing damage at home.” (

After about 3 months my hair was improving. It was genuinely smoother, shinier and less hair fell out when I combed it after a shower. My hair seemed overall healthier and I was hooked. I was now an official believer of the Olaplex hype. I came in for my highlights and I would ask Mary at least three times to confirm that she put Olaplex in my colour to which she would always playfully nod. Sundays at home were now dubbed Olaplex day. Every Sunday I put Olaplex No.3 in towel dried hair for at least an hour sometimes several hours. The No.3 Hair Perfector is a vital step in the Olaplex service. Olaplex No.3 does not take the place of your conditioner, as it is not a conditioner. Rather it is an, “at home bond builder that contains the same active ingredient found in all professional Olaplex products” to relink “the broken disulfide bonds in every type of hair providing real structural repair that works from within.” (

Fast forward a year later my hair grew and my ends were so healthy looking that I started to book haircuts every other highlight appt. I was so proud. Now two years later my hair is the longest it’s been in fifteen years, which is about the time I bought my first flat iron. I continue to use Olaplex No.3 weekly at home and No.1 and No.2 during my colour appointments. The repairing power of Olaplex is real. It keeps the flat iron, curling iron and blonde dye/colour damage at bay. Seriously, Olaplex kicked my severely damaged blonde hair’s butt and it can do the same for you. Just ask Mary and get your own hair insurance policy.

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Guest Post by: Lisa Zukerman
Instagram: @iggychelseaandme