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What is the first thing you do?  You search on the internet.  You look for answers to your questions, and reviews of  Hotheads Hair Extensions form all the places that are close to you!   We understand that getting extensions is both an investment in time and money, so we have compiled a list of the top concerns people have with extensions and questions they might have for a professional!

Hothead Hair Extensions with Mary

Mary has been working with Hotheads Hair Extensions for years now, and she knows the value of getting good advice before you even start the process!

We asked Mary a few questions about her process, best practices and asked her to clear up a few concerns we found on the internet about HotHead Hair extensions

How do you wash extensions?

When washing Extensions, only wash it in one direction only with the natural flow of your own hair. Do not wash it in an aggressive motion, you will only end up with a ball of tangles.  Only use professional quality shampoos, Hotheads has their own shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free and works great with extensions.

Be sure to also use their hair mask once a week to keep the hair nourished and healthy.  

NOTE – Supermarket shampoos do not work on extensions as they can contain silicone and other ingredients that can cause the extensions to slip out.

Never apply conditioner over the tape tabs only midshaft to ends. Avoid sulphate, oil and alcohol based products!

Why are they heavy?  

If too many pieces of extensions are applied they can feel heavy and uncomfortable. Make sure you have a consultation with your stylist before you decide this is right for you.  

Why are my Extensions changing colour?        

Mineral deposits are build ups of natural inorganic solids like copper and iron on the scalp and hair shafts.  These deposits can chemically react with the proteins in the hair, leaving you with dull, brittle, discoloured hair. Minerals can be found in your pool and well water you use every day at home. Every time you’re exposed to these minerals you will be getting more buildup.  Use a professional clarifying shampoo to remove the mineral deposit in your hair. Use a hair mask to help moisturize your hair right after.  

  •  if your extensions are orangey/copper tint, use a silver pigmented shampoo and conditioner
  •  if your extensions are peachy/pinky tInt, use a gold pigmented shampoo and conditioner
  •  if your extensions are green tint, use a red/copper pigmented shampoo and conditioner

Why do Extensions fall out?     

Main 3 reasons are:   

1) Washed hair too soon!  Wait 24 hours from time hair was installed to your first wash.

2) too much of the natural hair was taken in between an extension

3) products were used close to the tab tabs

Make sure that you get a qualified stylist to do this work, also have them show you some of their work.  Testimonials are very important. With Social Media these days, you can do all your research and ask questions while you are at it!  

Why someone might get bald spots…. OUCH!  No one wants that!  

Thickness of hair – It’s very important to know how much hair to take in between an extension.  It all depends on thickness of hair.  If too little hair is taken on someone who has thin hair, hair extension will rip off.


Use the Right Shampoo – If you are using the right shampoos and conditioner that your stylist recommended and are still getting frizzy and damaged hair.  Please try these additional tips and advice…,  


Use a Good Hair Dryer and Hot Iron – Heat can dry out and damage extentions, so use a blow dryer and styling tools only when needed to lengthen the life of the extensions. If blow dryers and hot tools are needed all the time, use a thermal heat protector every time you use heat on your hair.  Also, have your stylist recommend the perfect brush for your extensions.  


Another reason one can lose extensions is that the hair was not prepped up the proper way before the application, or the application was not done the proper way.  Always work with a seasoned stylist and someone who understands.  

Are they expensive?  

Everything that is quality and involves workmanship will have a cost.

Some clients will think that Hothead extensions are pricey.  They need to realize that they are the new technology that provides volume, length,  highlights and a dynamic colour easily without damage to your own hair.  

Hothead Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft that is applied without the need for tools or heat and is designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. With amazing quality human Remy hair, the cuticle remains in tack and allows Extensions to be applied up to 3 times. You will get 8-10 weeks of wear depending on the re-growth of your own hair.    

If you would like a consultation or to book an appointment, please call Mary at 416-464-4459, she is located in the Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto, Ontario at the beautiful Runway Salon.